What is the age limit for Flux Indoor Percussion?

Our membership will consist of individuals not over 22 years of age as of 12:01 a.m. on April 1st. Our membership will most likely consist of individuals 16 - 22, however, we would encourage students of all ages to attend auditions. 


I don't have much experience and am unsure if I'll make the group, should I still audition?

Of course! On top of finding our cast, we hope to make the audition a fun and EDUCATIONAL event where all students will leave a better person than before.

Will Flux Indoor Percussion interfere with Drum Corps?  

We highly encourage all members to participate in Drum Corps as it provides an invaluable experience. We will do our best to work with all our students in this capacity. 

Will I be allowed to march if my high school already has an Indoor Percussion Program?

We highly encourage all members to participate in their respective indoor programs. If your high school offers an indoor program and you want to participate with Flux Indoor Percussion -  it is expected for you to have your band director sign a waiver permitting this.  Once again, we encourage all members to consider participation in their high school program prior to Flux.

How much are fees? 

At this time, we are continuing to work on our "fees" for the upcoming season. Fees will ultimately be dependent on what we are able to provide for our students due to COVID-19. Our mission to make these fees are reasonable as possible given the circumstances.

Will Flux Indoor Percussion be traveling to Dayton, Ohio for WGI World Championships? 

Absolutely! We wish to provide our students with the best experience possible and WGI World Championships is a big part of that.


My family and friends want to help, how can they do so?

We encourage all our students to have their families/friends help out with Flux as it makes the experience so much more joyful. There are many fashions in which people can help such as truck driving, prop building (welding/construction), cooking, event staff, and so much more. If you have any questions regarding ways you can help please CLICK HERE to be forwarded to our contact page. Thank you for your interest in helping FLUX INDOOR PERCUSSION.  

Will the snare line be playing on a tilt? 

The snare line will be playing traditional so they will play on a tilt.


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